Arnoud Aalbersberg

Arnoud grew up in Naarden, the Netherlands. In his home classical music was very present, with his father playing the piano on a daily basis. First album bought was A Night at the Opera by Queen. Symphonic Rock, but on the highest level possible looking at arrangements and melody. At age 13 Arnoud was listening to the Soul Show on Dutch radio weekly and memorizing tracks and artist as a second nature. Started DJ’ing in 1982 at secondary school with friend Willem. They both had one turntable and some records. “The Force Drive in Show” was born. Self made speakers, self made light show and a poster inspired on the logo on the generic sleeve of “last night a DJ saved my life by Indeep (1982). When partying became more important than performing (1,5 year later), the activities were paused. ArnouX experienced the birth of House music end 80’s in Amsterdam and admired the storytelling by music by pioneers such as Dimitri & Joost van Bellen in the (in)famous club RoXY. After a long break of mixing music in 2017 ArnouX picked up where he left of mid 80’s. Music genres such as electro, freestyle, (italo) disco, synthpop, and early (house) is what he likes to blend into a true music tale.

In 2020 the goal was to produce an Italo Disco track with a DAW and analog 80’s instruments such as the rare Solton Ketron Programmer 24 and of course the Juno 60, Juno 106, Korg Polysix and Oberheim DX. Due to a nasty hand injury this project was paused and focus was spinning records in the weekly #Randomvinyl show in the Studio (Dutch House Collective). In this show vinyl only music is being played. Guest DJ’s take te stage on a regular basis and since 2020 a true ADE Randomvinyl marathon takes place, in 2021 48 hours with 32 DJ’s. Heroes from the early days such as Dimitri (RoXY), Marcello (iT), Jaydee and talents of today. The success of the Random Vinyl Shows led to a new initiative: a record label!

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